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Let's go eat

By Brooke Revere, age 18, 1997

Four friends, June, Ellen, Bob and Arthur, decided to go out to dinner together. June said that she knew of a great restaurant, and she would treat.

"I only eat raw foods," Ellen exclaimed in dismay.

"I'm a vegetarian," said Arthur regretfully.

"Don't worry about me," said Bob. "I'll eat anything!"

"Well," June interrupted, "This restaurant has a wide range of foods. It will have something for everyone. I am a diabetic, meaning I can't eat sugar, and I eat there all the time."

The four friends went to dinner and ate a very large meal. Below is their order. Can you tell by it who ordered what?

Hog Heaven Restaurant

Order # 1 belongs to ___________Dinner

Order #2 belongs to ____________Dinner

Order # 3 belongs to ____________Dinner

Order #4 belongs to ____________Dinner

Answers: Mouse over each dinner plate