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The beginning . . .

My sister has always been in a hurry. She was in such a rush to get started, that she was born in the car on the way to the hospital. Not only that, it was nine weeks before she was due.

She lost no time in finding a place in the adult world. By the time she was twelve, she was writing, compiling and publishing her own newsletter. It was a complete success, and she was soon looking for a new project to satisfy her desire for challenges . . .

Hold it! Just a minute. Back up! I was going to tell you about how she started her newsletter.

One day, when she was about eleven years old, she had an idea. "I'm going to put out my own newsletter," she announced one morning. "I want to be a business woman and handle my own affairs."

Mom and I smiled, amused. I admit, we didn't take her seriously. She disappeared for a while, and we didn't think much of it. I saw her busy on the computer a few hours later, and I assumed she was playing a game.

In a way, I suppose, it was a game to her. But it wasn't Aldo, or Carmen San Diego. It was a challenging maze of tools and files and fonts. Dad had installed a publishing package on the computer some months before, and Skye was exploring it.

At dinner time, she came to the table - late. There was a glow on her face that I will never forget. Before anyone could say anything, she produced a two page newsletter from behind her back and laid it on the table, much as though she were at a board meeting displaying a new product.

She handed each of us our own copy before taking a chair. We all read the newsletter, and were captivated by it's fresh style, and cute drawings.

Inspired by our enthusiasm, she went on to produce one newsletter after another. She began sending them out to all her friends, and soon she was "handling her own affairs" as far as her newsletter was concerned. She didn't ask for help from anyone, not even me, her older sister! The only thing I contributed was the name, Kingdom Canyon Press. (I had to find some way to brag about myself!)

Now, four years later, her newsletter has taken off. But she is taking on new challenges. Look at this website! All by herself, she put this together. Her newsletter is fantastic! If you're a kid, or remember being a kid, or just plain like brain teasers, jokes, stories, and other fun items, you'll like Kingdom Canyon Press.

Her sister,
Brooke Celeste R.